Leak Detection

Leaking taps and toilets? It could be more serious than that annoying dripping sound.

If you’ve noticed water bills that are higher than usual, or you can’t seem to switch off a dripping tap, you need an experienced leak detection specialist. Getting to the source of a leak can be difficult – it could be behind walls, within pipes or under slabs. That’s why we use cutting-edge plumbing leak detection equipment so we can find and repair leaks the very same day.

Our plumbers in Brisbane are equipped with the tools and experience to fix leaks properly every time. We work quickly to save you time and money since a leaking tap could be hiking up your bills more than you think. Whether it’s a stormwater or sewer leak, or it’s coming from your water supply, contact us to locate the culprit and find the solution.

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Our commercially-minded team has over a decade of experience in everyday plumbing maintenance work through to complex projects.

Finding the right leak detection solution

You know you need leak detection in Brisbane when you’re noticing damp spots or an unexplained increase in water bills. In some cases, leaks are hidden underground and you don’t know they’re there until water starts pooling or you experience a plumbing disaster.

Give us a call at even the smallest hint of a leak. Our team will use CCTV drain cameras, acoustic listening devices and thermal imaging cameras for that famously difficult shower leak detection. Understanding what’s gone wrong is half of the battle; some causes of leaks include:

Do you need leak detection in Brisbane?

The moment you notice any signs that your plumbing system is playing up, call our leak detection specialists. For an at-home test you can do yourself, try switching off all taps and water appliances for two hours, checking the metre before and after. If there’s an increase in your water metre reading, you might have a leak.

A problem-solving approach

With the latest in leak detection technology, and a commitment to providing long-term solutions, you can rest assured we’ll not only fix the problem, but strive to ensure it doesn’t happen again. Our team provides personalised advice for all business and house leak detection work, to give you a better understanding of your plumbing system long after we’ve gone.

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Australian leak detection done right saves you time and money, so get in touch with our consultants to get your home or business’ plumbing back on track.

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