Pipe Repairs

Brisbane’s drainage specialists taking care of your pipe repair needs - when you need it.

If you’ve noticed a cracked or broken pipe, or your drainage system just isn’t what it used to be, contact D&S Plumbing Group to quickly identify the cause and solution to your problem. Burst pipes are a common issue in the home and workplace, but if it happens to you, it shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Our drainage specialists in Brisbane can arrive on-site that very same day, to ensure we keep any property damage under control. We’ll conduct a drain camera investigation to determine if the damage is caused by tree roots or something else, so we can identify the most effective fix. This could involve high-pressure jet blasting, pipe relining, or another suitable technique.

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Always on track with the latest innovations in drain technology, D&S Plumbing Group provides fast, reliable services across Brisbane.

What you need to know about pipe repairs

Keeping your drains healthy is sometimes as simple as making sure to scoop out food from your sink, and not flushing any unflushables. However, we can’t always prevent damage and sometimes the only solution is to call drainage specialists in Brisbane who can get your pipes back in the clear.

While you wait for us to arrive on your premises, there are some things to keep in mind to minimise property damage, as well as to reduce the risk of pipe damage in the first place:

Pipe relining & patching

Before choosing the most effective type of pipe repair, we’ll uncover what went wrong underground. Repairs could include pipe relining, a textile liner that bonds securely to the pipe, or patch lining, ideal when only one section of your pipe is damaged. It’s our aim to get your drains working well again in the most efficient way possible, so there’s no disruption to your day.

Drainage specialists in Brisbane

The licensed plumbers at D&S Plumbing Group have the skills and experience to deal with everything from superficial damage through to burst pipes. With the industry’s latest technology and techniques behind us, we’re proud to deliver premium services that always adhere to local safety standards.

About D&S Plumbing Group

Our solution-oriented mindset enables us to look beyond the problem.

With experience in a range of industrial and residential settings, our team has the capabilities to restore your pipes to full working order. We value reliability and tight deadlines, making us Brisbane’s go-to team in stressful situations such as damaged plumbing systems.

Our solution-oriented mindset enables us to look beyond the problem, to deliver solutions that keep your property’s plumbing working optimally for longer.

Talk to a consultant

If you’re concerned that you need tree roots in drain repairs, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. Get in touch to book a consultation and we’ll send a specialist to your site as a matter of urgency.

Our projects

We are proud to have worked across many industries, including but not limited to aged care, multi-residential, hospitals, schools, government facilities, and hospitality venues.