Thermostatic Mixing Valve Testing

Regular TMV testing & maintenance is an essential health & safety measure.

A thermostatic mixing valve (TMV) is a device that blends hot and cold water to ensure a safe and even temperature. This is important to prevent scalding and reduce the risk of disease in your water supply, meaning TMVs are even more essential in locations such as schools and aged care facilities.

For proper thermostatic mixing valve maintenance, it’s important that you get your building’s TMV tested by a qualified professional every 12 months. As a trusted plumber in Brisbane, D&S Plumbing Group can help you ensure your water supply is safe and in compliance with local regulations.

Testing carried out by licensed plumbers



As we enter into our second decade, D&S Plumbing Group has withheld its reputation as a reputable plumber specialising in commercial sectors.

Our TMV testing services

Our TMV testing solutions are delivered by licensed plumbers who are passionate about yielding the best results and providing long-term value to our clients. For your convenience, thermostatic mixing valve testing can be carried out on the same day as your annual plumbing inspection.

Our efficient services ensure the correct temperature control is achieved (including in showers, baths and taps), and that your organisation meets all water quality standards. During our site visit, we’ll provide the following services:

TMV maintenance regulations in Brisbane

In both commercial and residential spaces, it’s legally required to have your thermostatic mixing valve regularly serviced by a licensed plumber. In order to reduce the likelihood of bacteria found in water, such as Legionella, heated water in storage tanks should be kept at no less than 60°C over a 24-hour period. D&S Plumbing Group has an in-depth understanding of other regulations and can provide the guidance to ensure you’re doing everything right.

Your local TMV experts

Our team has the skills and detail-oriented mindset to keep you on track when it comes to water quality and temperature. Ensuring your organisation meets regulatory standards is all part of our service, so when you partner with us for thermostatic mixing valve maintenance, you know you’re getting real value for money. When clear communication and expert advice are key, give us a call.

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