Kitchen Plumbing

Entrust your kitchen's plumbing system to Brisbane’s experts.

Your kitchen’s plumbing is responsible for a lot – from the sinks and taps through to appliances. When something goes wrong, you’ll want to find a solution quickly. Our plumbers in Brisbane have the expertise to take care of kitchen sink plumbing that keeps everything running properly, so you won’t have to go without water or the appliances you rely on every day.

One of the most common residential maintenance jobs we work on, be sure to contact D&S Plumbing Group when your kitchen plumbing is playing up or you’re due a renovation in the heart of your home.

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With transparent pricing, excellent communication and a warranty on our work, you can count on D&S Plumbing Group.

Our suite of kitchen plumbing services

We often don’t think about kitchen plumbing until it’s too late. As soon as you spot signs that something isn’t quite right, get in touch. Our team has a wealth of experience in under sink plumbing. This, along with advanced technology, enables us to quickly identify the cause of the problem and ensure your kitchen drain plumbing, pipes and services will run optimally for longer.

We provide maintenance and repairs, as well as essential kitchen plumbing when you’re about to undergo a renovation. Our services include:

Kitchen sink plumbing: wear & tear

We use our kitchens every day, so it’s no wonder some maintenance and repairs are needed every now and again. Things like food, oils, fats and chemicals from cleaning products make their way down your kitchen drain and cause blockages or leaks. While you might not give much thought to what goes on below your kitchen sink, we do. Contact D&S Plumbing Group for premium under sink plumbing work.

Specialised team

With more than a decade of experience, our team has the skills and knowledge to bring your kitchen plumbing back to full health. Whether you’re a homeowner or real estate property manager, we make client satisfaction and lasting results a guarantee, to keep your day moving smoothly. We value passion and up-to-date training, so we can continue to offer the industry’s most advanced services to our clients in Brisbane.

About D&S Plumbing Group

Reliable and efficient, we’re passionate about delivering long-term solutions to your home and business plumbing problems.

D&S Plumbing Group is made up of a team of dedicated plumbing specialists, who each bring a wealth of expertise in what they do. We provide a personalised service with great communication and transparency, which is why our long-standing clients are happy to refer us to people they know.

We’re currently welcoming enquiries from project managers, construction companies, real estate companies and individuals searching for a team of plumbers they can count on.

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Contact us for all your kitchen plumbing needs. Leave us a message or give us a call to speak to a knowledgeable consultant who can get your project moving quickly.

Our projects

We are proud to have worked across many industries, including but not limited to aged care, multi-residential, hospitals, schools, government facilities, and hospitality venues.